Easing stress one bath at a time

Slipping into a hot bubble bath with MorganGenus Crystals is an excellent way to relax, improve your circulation, relax aching joints and relieve tension in your muscles.

Release the stress of a busy day and ease your tired muscle while boosting your Magnesium levels and softening your skin. We recommend you continue the process with MorganGenus Magnesium range of oils, lotions and body butters.

How to use:

MorganGenus body bath crystals are pure and unscented. Use a strong handful in your bath and relax and soak for at least 30min.

Can also be used as a foot soak.

Alternative dissolve a small amount and wipe down your body 20 minutes before your shower or after your shower to boost your levels.

Recommend to use as night because it aids in a restful sleep.


Size: 500g 1kg 3kg

Active Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride.